Human remains heavily resemble previous findings

It started as a mussel hunting trip, but it ended with discovery of possible human remains.

Pike County, Illinois Sheriff Paul Petty said these artifacts closely resemble the human remains found a couple of years ago at the very same location. The Pike County Sheriff's Department currently has the bones.

Petty said the next step in identifying the bones includes sending them to a lab in Springfield.

There are minor differences the Sheriff wants to get checked out.

"I have found and located on some of the remains there are some artifacts or particular material that I find kind of odd that it's on there. So we will probably send it to a local lab here. When I say local I mean Springfield. And try to identify what I believe is non to that era," said Sheriff Petty.

The previous discovery at the John Hay Public Use Area was shipped to an F-B-I lab in Virginia.

Tests showed they were Native American bones dated back several hundred years.

Petty doesn't think they will send the new findings to that lab, but sees a large similarity between the two discoveries.