Hull Elementary School to stay vacant

The former Hull Elementary School will stay vacant for now. That's the decision residents from the village of Hull voted for Monday night at a public meeting.

For months, residents have passed ideas back and forth on how to use the building. But Hull's Mayor Jim Beardsley recently found that the cost to upkeep the school over the next five years would cost more than $156,000, far too much money for the village.

"Everybody in town was thinking with their hearts. The building's ben there since the 50's. It's a 60-year-old building. A majority of the residents in town, went to school at that building. But you have to learn to set aside your hearts and look at the facts. And it wasn't a doable thing for us," said Beardsley.

Jim Beardsley says the Hull School Board meets Wednesday night. It could decide to pay for updates to the building. No set plans are in place at this time.