HQBD members could see lower tax rates

Property owners in the Historic Quincy Business District expect to see lower tax rates for the coming years.

Currently, property owners pay a half-cent tax, on top of the city tax. Members have self imposed an extra tax on their properties for the last 14 years, hoping to bring more business to the area. In the next week, the HQBD is hoping to cap the new amount to 35-cents.

Executive Director Travis Brown says while most people aren't eager to pay more taxes, they're more willing knowing how much the city will benefit.

"This provides about 26 to 27 percent of general operating funds. We wouldn't be able to provide the services we do without this type of assistance, without this property tax," said Brown, with the Historic Quincy Business District.

The new tax will need approval from the city council. Brown says he expects an answer sometime around the 20th of this month.