How you can get yourself in trouble with Facebook

Facebook is the ultimate platform with which to express yourself ... or get in trouble.

More than 750 million people make their voices heard on Facebook.

The majority of posts are harmless comments on photos, opinions on polls, artistic expressions or even updates on what you're doing ... what kind of trouble can you get into?

Well, you could get arrested.

We came across this Huffington Post article by Catharine Smith (click here to read it yourself) and she shows us 13 Facebook posts that got people arrested.

Some of which include six girls who were arrested for allegedly posting threatening comments on a Facebook event titled "Attack A Teacher Day," a case where a Philadelphia woman allegedly found and hired someone to kill the father of her child on Facebook, and several arrests for posts allegedly inciting violence and resulting in days of rioting in the U.K.

While posting things like death threats seems to obviously be illegal, the line can sometimes be vague.

Before you hit the "Share" button, take a deep breath, read your post one more time and decide ... is this threatening? ... is this incriminating? ... is this going to get me arrested?

If you wouldn't say something to a person's face, you probably won't want to post it on your wall or theirs. It's also very easy for someone to misinterpret what you are saying.

Ever wonder what your Facebook habits would look like for real? Click here to watch a very funny YouTube video showing "Facebook in real life." (Caution: some foul language is used.)

Facebook has changed the landscape of journalism even. Citizen journalism has a place in the discourse of public opinion.

Here at KHQA we believe in the right to freedom of speech and oftentimes we refrain from deleting viewer posts from our Facebook wall even though they seem silly or nonsensical. However, please remember we don't stand for foul words (cuss words) and derogatory content.

When dealing with news stories, we do not use the names of minors. We also encourage you to do the same.

We just try to have fun with Facebook and go with the flow ... we want you to make your voice heard and participate! It's the best way for us to stay connected with you.

(Huffington Post contributed to this story.)

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