How to safely donate to the typhoon relief efforts

Hearts across America including here in the Tri-States have been touched by the devastation of the typhoon in the Philippines.

Many people are turning to the

American Red Cross

to find out how they can help in the long road of recovery ahead for that nation.

Amanda Stotts is a spokesperson for the

Adams County chapter of the Red Cross

She says that the local branch is not collecting supplies or sending people to help in the disaster because the Philippines has it's own arm of the Red Cross.

The agency is sending experts over to help with logistics, handling issues such as sanitation and getting water and other supplies to the victims.

But people in this area are making monetary donations and Stotts says that they need to be careful when it comes to donating their money.

"Just make sure you're talking directly with that organization," Stotts said. "You're right, there are a lot of people who want to genuinely help, but make sure it is a reputable organization that has a history of doing this type of thing. Just make sure you do your research."

Stotts says that people are always welcome to donate on the

Red Cross


You can also come into the Quincy office and make a donation by check or you can call the Red Cross in Quincy and they can take your donation over the phone.