How to make your poinsettia last longer

The poinsettia greenhouse at Holtschlag Florist in Quincy.

We're officially in the holiday season and nothing says Christmas like a poinsettia. It's the official plant for this time of year and did you know that there are things you can do to make it last longer?

We talked with Mike Ericson with Holtschlag Florist in Quincy. He grows more than 500 poinsettias locally every year.

When it comes to poinsettias, location doesn't matter much.

It's all about how much you water. Most people water them too much.

Ericson said, "What happens is, if you get the plant too wet, the roots can develop root rot and then they can't take up enough moisture. Then the plant begins to look wilted and the natural thing to do is water it more ... which makes the problem worse."

Ericson suggests cutting the bottom of the foil the plants come in, and then allowing them to drain on a plate.

We also asked about how much light to give your poinsettia. Ericson says any light ... even non-natural light will do when it comes to the holiday flower.

Click here to read more about caring for the holiday plant from the University of Illinois Extension.