How to make your home sell quick

Selling a home can be a big task for any homeowner. Details such as home staging, photos and your real estate agent can really impact how much your home sells for and how quickly it sells.

In this Angieâ??s List report ... tips to sell your home quickly.

Angie's List founder Angie Hicks says, â??In todayâ??s real estate market itâ??s a competitive market so consumers are looking for ways to rule out your house. So you really need to get back to the basics and make sure your house really shines. Is your house clean, inside and out? Is everything organized? A lot of times people think that their own interior design is a selling point, it usually isnâ??t.â??

When people are thinking about buying a house they are looking for reasons to rule it out. Simple things like a leaky faucet or bigger issues like a faulty water heater can be a turn-off for buyers.

Real estate agent Paula Smith says, â??I hate that my sellers are surprised often when the inspection happens that they had no idea that that was happening. And then they are stuck with a bill of fixing it that they werenâ??t expecting and they have already agreed on a sales price. My advice is a lot of times if they havenâ??t done anything with the mechanicals and they havenâ??t had yearly HVAC inspections and they havenâ??t checked their water heater, itâ??s been a long time, that they go ahead and have somebody out to do that so they are not surprised.â??

â??When shopping for a realtor you want someone that is going to get your house sold quickly and at the price you are looking for so you want to do your due diligence and ask them questions. How long as their average house been on the market, how close to the original asking price did the house sell, and what is their expertise in your neighborhood," Hicks said.

You also want to work with

real estate agent

who has online listings.

Smith says, â??Online photos, in todayâ??s society and the real estate market, is the only way that houses sell. Most people will automatically assume if there is one picture on the Internet that means the inside of the house is not in good condition. Thatâ??s not necessarily true, but it is for a lot of homes.â??

In years past, open houses were a popular way for would-be buyers to see properties they were considering. But with the rise and convenience of online listings, featuring photo and/or video tours, experts say open houses are just not as necessary.