How the IDOT closure impacts you

How the IDOT closure impacts you.

Summer usually means road consruction in the Tri-States.

But that's not the case right now in Illinois.

No road work could mean headaches for drivers.

"Bad road conditions including potholes and uneven road surfaces can make for premature tire wear. We've also seen damage to wheels and tires together. A pothole for instance can make an impact brake at the tire and then also subsequently damage the wheel or bend the wheel," said Tom Moore with Delta Tire.

Damage from the pothole hurts more than your tires.

"We've got bent wheels that may go unchecked and they also will cause subsequent damage to bearings and axles. Suspension-wise we will see strut wear, premature strut wear or strut failure, or shock failure," adds Moore.
There is no way to prevent damage to your car other than avoiding rough road conditions, if it's safe.

And trained car professionals say no road work could add up for consumers in the long haul.

"If in fact there is a longer period of time where they're not on the roads doing repairs, yes, unfortunately will see a terrible increase in the damages we've talked about," explains Moore.
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