How does your garden grow?

In a time when we're all trying to cut back on expenses, a home garden will cost significantly less. Not only is it cheaper to grow your own food, but you can also reap the health benefits. If you don't have room for one at home, there's another option in the Quincy area.

"We have two community gardens where we have about 40 spaces total, and those are free. For people who don't have space, or have a small yard, or no yard, or are living in an apartment, they can come and we have about 300 square feet for them, which is a lot. You can grow a lot in 300 square feet," said Deborah Lee with the University of Illinois Extension office. "Even if you just grow some tomatoes, it's fun to do."

We found one family who's trying the community garden out for the first time.

"You can eat fresh produce without having something on it you don't want, and you know it's good for you. You can have a lot of nice salads and stuff like that. And it's cheaper. Plus it's good for exercise and just like fishing, you get to come out and enjoy the nature a bit and the sun," said Robert Bolen, a Quincy resident.

"For you to pick a tomato and bring it in and eat it immediately, is a lot more healthy than something that's sat around for a long time in the grocery store." said Lee.

"It's really too cold to plant too much. We got a few cabbages, that's about all we have right now," said Bolen.

"It's still too early to be putting in those warm weather vegetables...your beans, squash, pumpkins, tomatoes, bell peppers and egg plants," said Lee.

If you've already begun planting, you should pay close attention to the weather.

"It's important to have in mind a way to cover them up somehow so they don't get harsh cold winds," said Lee.

She suggests covering your plants with a 20-gallon tub during cold weather. Doing so will leave you with a tasty result.

"Last night I picked asparagus, steamed it and ten minutes later had it for dinner. It was delicious and fulfilling and very nutritious to grow your own produce," said Lee.

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