How do you live gluten free?

Every day it seems like you hear about something new in the health food world.

One thing that's becoming more popular is gluten free diets. Some people are doing it by choice, but more people are doing it because they have to.

"I haven't had an eggroll in like three years -- it's the little things," Katie Helsabeck said.

Helsabeck has been gluten free for three years. She used to have skin reactions that seemed to be getting worse ... so she started experimenting with her diet.

"I first started to take some other things out of my diet, and that didn't do anything. Once I took wheat out of my diet, it really cleared up my skin, my arms and my legs," Helsabeck said.

And Katie's not alone. About one in every 133 people have some sort of gluten intolerance.

Hy-Vee dietitian Brittany Donlon says, "There are two different types of populations, one of who has celiac disease, who cannot have gluten, their body actually reacts to it. And then we have a gluten sensitivity population so they require foods that have no gluten in them."

It's becoming easier to buy foods that are gluten free ... grocery stores are constantly looking for more options and suggestions from people on what they'd like to see.

"Companies come out with different products to make it cheaper so there's always new things," Helsabeck said.

"We have a gluten free support group here, it meets the last Wednesday of every month at 1:00 p.m., and it's free to anyone who'd like to join. We do samples and we do talk about gluten free issues. Around the holidays we do talk about Thanksgiving feast and stuff like that," Donlon said.

But the hardest part for Katie isn't grocery shopping and cooking at home. It's doing normal everyday things.

"Sometimes it's hard, only when I go out to eat, or if there's functions at the office. You're not always prepared or someone else brings food, those are the hard things about it," Helsabeck said.

And for that reason, Katie tries to plan ahead, and always has a little something extra in her desk.