How do nursing homes prepare for blizzard?

If you thought it was a bit of a struggle getting your house ready for Winter Storm 2011, imagine preparing 450 people.

That's the number of residents living at Good Samaritan Home in Quincy.

Administrator Mike Duffy and his staff have been preparing the residents for the storm.

Duffy said the home is required to have enough food and water on hand for several days.

Good Samaritan Home also has a large back up generator that was filled with diesel fuel this morning.

Duffy said he also checked on the more independent residents who live in cottages on campus.

"We sent a memo to all of our cottagers, because their independent and let them know, go get some groceries, be prepared for 2-3 days just like the rest of us. But then we also said don't go out unless you absolutely have to for the next two or three days. If you need something call over to the home," said Duffy.

Duffy says he is also ready to utilize the four-wheel-drive vehicles Good Samaritan Home has to make sure all the necessary staff is able to get to work.