Hot summertime wine sips

When you think summertime, you think of cooling off in the pool or enjoying a nice outdoor barbeque, but don't let the heat melt away wine from your list of refreshing summer sips.

Local wine expert, Gordon Cantrell from

The Village Vineyard and Winery

in Camp Point says the best wines to drink during the hot months are the types that your serve chilled.

One of the main differences between white wine and red wine is that generally, white wine is served chilled.

Gordon suggests a





Also, wines that are lighter in flavor, such as the white and sparkling wines, are easily paired with fruit and cold desserts.

Red wines are traditionally served at room temperature.

Another important tip when serving white wine is to use wine glasses that have a smaller opening on the top. This small opening allows the wine to enter your mouth on the portion of the tongue that is targeted for tasting those flavors.

Red wine is meant for tasting throughout the entire mouth and should be served with a wider opening wine glass.

For a complete list of summer wines, visit

The Village Vineyard & Winery


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