Hospitalized Lewis County bus passenger's survival story

Karyann Cox, 15, was on Bus 18 when it crashed in Lewis County. She's recovering at Blessing Hospital.

A Lewis County teenager and her parents are thanking their lucky stars Tuesday's school bus crash wasn't much worse.

Karyann Cox, 15, was moved out of Blessing Hospital's Intensive Care Unit Wednesday afternoon.

She was sitting in the third seat from the back when the bus rolled over near the intersection of Route C and Juniper in between LaGrange and Ewing.

The teenager remembers before and after the crash but not the actual crash itself.

Cox was in a lot of pain Tuesday but is on the road to recovery.

"I remember sitting on the bus and feeling a jolt," she said. "I could see the bus driver try to get back on track and next thing I know, I was on the ground and the paramedics were looking up at me asking how I'm doing."

Cox suffered major head injuries and a concussion in Tuesday's school bus crash. Thankfully, doctors told her she had no swelling of the brain.

"I'm doing so much better now," she said. "Everybody at Blessing's been great. They have me feeling so much better than I was when I first came in."

Her mother, Rita Cox, didn't get any sleep Tuesday night.

"Had a rough night," Rita Cox said. "A lot of worry. A lot of relief. I feel blessed that she's going to be okay. Worried about the other children."

Rita Cox said she's grateful to the community, first responders, Lewis County C-1 school district and Blessing Hospital for the well-organized response. She's looking forward to taking her daughter home.

"She has a good outlook," the mother said. "She doesn't look the best today but she'll be her pretty self again soon. Hopefully, she can get better and come home and go back to school and be a good student like she always is. We want to send out our support to John Logan, the bus driver and all the kids who are hurt and to all the others who are praying for all of us."

Now Karyann Cox said she's taking one day at a time to get better.