Homelessness a reality in Northeast Missouri

Sunday, the North East Community Action Corporation will share a reality with high school and junior high students that will make many thankful for what they have.

High school and junior high students from First Baptist Church of Canton, along with NECAC members, participated in a homeless awareness walk through Canton.

Their walk ended at the County Market along Highway 61 where they took on the role of a poverty stricken family.

During that time, people from the community could drop off canned foods for the area's local food pantry.

Homelessness in Northeast Missouri is a reality in today's tough economy. NECAC along with the First Baptist Church of Canton will sponsor a homeless awareness walk along with a community display, a canned food drive and a simulation of a poverty-stricken community.

First Baptist Church in Canton's Youth Group Leader Tammy Kliewer says, "There are always people around us that need things whether it's monetary or just emotional needs. And so, I really want them to see that even though we do live in a small community there still are a lot of people who just need help."

NECAC Lewis County Coordinator Judy Eaton says, "Right now is when they, first off, learn to care about other human beings. They go home and share with their parents what's important to them. That becomes important to the family and raises awareness every which way."

Hours after the event began, these students participated in a "carboard city" simulation of a poverty-stricken community.

The food drive raised more than 81 dollars in addition to 81 food items.

The kids are learning about poverty to prepare themselves for a mission trip they're taking to St. Louis.