Home Town Hideaways in the Tri-States: St. Francisville

St. Francisville resembles a fireworks stand community, but boasts plenty of history in the county.

When you drive into Clark County and enter St. Francisville, one of the first things you may see is a collection of fireworks stands.

Should you choose to pull into the town, you'll find that there's more than meets the eye.

A town of a little over 100 people, St. Francisville was founded in 1834, and has some notoriety in the county.

Joanne Ragan researches history around Clark County.

"St. Francisville is very much known for being first in so many things. They were first in school, four years later, after it was founded in 1834. They were first in a post office, they were first in a tavern, they were first in many stores, and they were also in addition to that they had the first Baptist church of the county," Ragan said.

Ragan enjoys researching history around Clark County, and feels that although St. Francisville isn't as booming as it once was, she knows how special the town continues to be.

"I know of nothing but fine people down here in St. Francisville. And that's what's made it so becoming to a lot of people. It was not only the rich soil that was created by Mother Nature and all that. It was the working together and the things that worked together to make it a better community," Ragan said.

Norma Rye grew up in and around the area, and recalls school girl days in St. Francisville.

"We had a car, it was supposed to be our bus to come to school. And when the roads were bad, we have to ride in a covered wagon. Everybody was friendly with everybody else. If you needed help, somebody would help you. You could go anywhere, you didn't have to worry about locking your doors, or somebody's going to snatch your children, or anything like that. It was just nice and peaceful. It was a good little town," Rye said.

Helen St. Clair also researches history around Clark County and knows how important the town once was.

"So many people don't have communities anymore. It's a place they live, and then they go to work, and they've actually got more to do at work with people, then they ever do at home. They don't know the person next door," St. Clair said.

Rye recollects on her memories of the town.

"I moved several different places, but I never liked any place as well as St. Francisville."