Home Depot shares DIY Japanese Beetle catcher for your home

Home Depot shares DIY Japanese Beetle catcher project for your home

This five gallon DIY bug catcher will fill up only after two days!

"They are just destroying trees, their shrubs, their vegetables, their fruits, their blackberries, blueberries, anything them beetles can get a hold of they are just destroying," says Home Depot Garden Department Head Matt Hagerbaumer.

If you notice leaves with holes in your backyard you may have a bug problem.

Employees at Home Depot in Quincy decided to take action against Japanese Beetles.

Workers came up with their own method of catching bugs that you can do at home.

"Take a funnel, a 5 gallon bucket with a lid, you cut a hole into the top of the lid, you set your funnel in the hole that goes right down into the bucket. Take your bug-o-bag out to lure the bugs, tape it to the back side of the funnel, once the beetles hit that they will fall directly into the bucket, if you put water in the bucket they can't get back out," explains Hagerbaumer.

There are also the traditional methods that you can stick, too.

"The bug-o-bags, a lot of people use them. This product here is the concentrate you mix into your tank sprayer, this product here is your dust, you just sprinkle it on. This one and this one are both ready to use containers," says Hagerbaumer.

Also some that are safe around pets and children.

"The bag-o-bug is a safe method because you're catching them. The seven is a safe product once it's dry. You don't want to go out there right after and let your dog or kids play around in it. Make sure the product is good and dry before you let your dog out or your children to go out and play," explains Hagerbaumer.
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