Holy Hoops fundraiser unites area responders

Area law enforcement and firefighters responded to a call on 10th Street Wednesday night in Quincy.

A call for basketball.

The first annual Holy Hoops fundraiser was held at Quincy Notre Dame. Officers and responders from 5 area agencies played in the tournament. The Quincy Fire and Police Departments, Adams County Sheriff's Office, Illinois State Police, and Adams County Ambulance Service were all represented.

Quincy Fire Department Chaplain Brother Ed Arambasich organized the event.

He said much of the money raised is going to an area in great need.

"We're going to give most of it to the victims in Washington, Illinois who just went through the horrific tornado - we're going to be helping them out. Anybody who comes and helps out here, that's where their money is going to go," Arambasich said.

The rest of the funds will benefit the Franciscan Firefighter Ministries.

Arambasich also said he hopes to make an annual tradition out of tonight's tourney.