Holocaust survivor speaks at local high school

"Forgiveness creates a feeling of wholeness."

Eva Kor is a survivor of the Holocaust.

Less than a year ago, Audrianna and Terri missed a chance to hear Kor speak on a school trip in Washington D.C.

The two students are a part of the Hannibal High School's history club. he students thought it would be a good idea for her to come and speak.

"Her coming here and talking about the Holocaust will only help us in the future to blossom and grow so things like this don't happen again," Terri Davis, a sophomore at Hannibal High School, said.

"One of those things in high school they don't really talk about a whole lot because they are a afraid of offending people like when they go into civil rights you don't really hit on it a whole lot, so for us to bring a speaker here, its really important to our students because we don't necessarily really go in depth and have accounts like this and hear these stories," Audrianna Dunn, a junior at Hannibal High School, said.

Kor did go in detail.

She talked about her time at Auschwitz.

How she and her twin sister Miriam were experimented on.

She showed the crowd what the Nazis tattooed on her arm.

But Kor wasn't in Hannibal to show and tell, she was there to teach.

Learning to forgive is one of Kor's life lessons.

She also says, "Life we all have difficulties, it is not for sisses."

Kor says all of that to really say ... "I feel that we all have an obligation to ourselves number one and do the best that we can do and to help other people."

Kor hopes the students learned something from her and they will make a positive impact moving forward.