Holiday mailing tips

Robert Cline goes to mail a package at Quincy Post Office. / Photo by: Jarod Wells

Christmas is about 15 days away, and if you have packages you need to mail, the clock is ticking.

KHQA checked in with the Post Office and sorting center in Quincy to see when is a good time to send your gift.

"I'm shipping some clothes to a daughter in Wisconsin. It's for Christmas," says Robert Cline.

Robert Cline is ahead of the game. He wants to make sure his daughter gets her Christmas present.

"Actually sending stuff for work purposes," says Ray Weast.

Ray Weast is in a different boat. He's no stranger to the Post Office. He runs R&R Golf in Quincy, and ships things two to three times a week. He knows how important his timing is for the holidays.

"I want them to get in there in time for Christmas," says Weast.

And Weast ships all over the world. Keep this in mind about your holiday shipping needs. The farther it goes, the earlier you should ship it via the U.S. Postal Service.

"If it's Priority Mail, Priority Mail has a two to three day service. So you'd want to get it there at the beginning of the week before Christmas," says Lynn Atchley-Gibson.

That gives you a little more than a week to get your packages together. Just remember, you're not allowed to mail anything that is hazardous or flammable through the U.S. Mail system.

One other tip, if you're mailing perishables, like food, make sure you send it the fastest way that you can.

You should also mark it correctly so the letter carrier knows the package is perishable.