Hog manure spill in Adams County

Officials with the Illinois Environmental Protection agency are looking into a manure spill in Northeast Adams County.

The spill happened at the new High Power Pork hog confinement located just Northeast of LaPrairie.

KHQA's Melissa Shriver shows you what's being done to clean it up.

Neighbors discovered sewage leaking into Ceder Creek Monday afternoon. That's when crews here at the farm responded.

Crews immediately began pumping manure out of this creek bed. Meanwhile workers built this dam in the creek bed to contain the spill and keep sewage from going downstream.

Bill Hollis is a Veterinarian and manages this facility. He estimates around 90 thousand gallons of manure spilled out of the sewer line. But he says it has been pumped safely into these holding tanks. Crews are also flushing the creek with water and collected it to make sure no trace of manure is left behind.

Hollis said, "What took most of the time is flushing out to make sure we haven't left residual manure."

We also talked with John Simon the Emergency Management Director in Adams County. He says local producers who operate this facility are doing what is needed to address the situation.

Will this affect drinking water?

Simon said, "It's not anything that they're concerned with with necessarily the water supply."

The manager of the property says he believes some dirt moving equipment accidently caused the striking a sewer line, which dislodged it from this storage tank.

Hollis said, "We're very disappointed that this happened and the producers are concerned with retaining a positive image in appearance to the farm."

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency will be on site investigating the spill and taking samples of the soil and water Wednesday.