Hog Farm opens in Adams County

Daron Duke cuts the ribbon to his new state of the art hog farm near Lima, IL.

A new hog farm has opened in Adams County despite concerns from its neighbors.

"There's fewer and fewer of us willing to do this type of work. Most people want to do crop production only. You find the younger generation wanting to get involved with livestock agriculture because there's a need for it and not a lot of young producers out there," Daron Duke said.

The Tri-States' newest hog farm sits in rural Adams County owned and operated by Duke and Brock Brackensick.

Close to a hundred people attended an open house Wednesday at the D&B Farms hog farm near Lima, Illinois. In about a week, 2,480 hogs will call the facility home.

"We'll be bringing in ween pigs which are approximately 10 to 15 pounds and we'll raise them to slaughter weight, about 290 pounds. It'll take a 6 month process," Duke said.

Duke says this year-long project didn't come to town without opposition.

"We did have some neighbors who had the issue of potential odor and runoff from the facility. This is a zero emissions facility so all of the manure will be contained and applied correctly to our soil types as an organic fertilizer," Duke said.

Duke spent the morning talking to visitors like Ashley Shupe about the state of the art hog farm.

"I grew up on a farm, and we raised pigs when I was growing up, and this is a radically different concept from what we had with the open pins and raising them in open pastures at that time," Shupe said.

The hog farm is expected to add more than 30 million dollars worth of revenue to Adams County, which will directly benefit both the Unity School District and the Ursa Farmers Coop.

"There's going to be a greater demand for local corn and soy beans to feed those pigs," Tim Maiers, with the Illinois Pork Producers Association said.

A demand that's contributing to almost 2 billion dollars in the state's pork industry every year.

Many residents still have concerns about large-scale farm operations.

A group called F.A.R.M. visited Pike County, Illinois a couple of months ago where residents are concerned about a large hog farm on its way to New Salem. F.A.R.M. Stands for Families Against Rural Messes. The group is concerned about residents' rights when it comes to odor, environmental concerns and health effects of large-scale farm operations.