HLG student saved by seat belt

A nineteen year old Hannibal-LaGrange student has a very different perspective on car safety.

She recently survived what could have been a deadly car crash at Route T in Hannibal.

You probably can't tell that this student was recently the victim of a horrible car crash, but her story may surprise you.

Heidi Turner, car crash survivor, told us "it was raining, I went around a curve and then I hydroplaned. I don't really remember exactly what happened after that, but I know I hit a large metal gate and fencepost, and then my car flipped approximately two times. Then I landed upside down."

Unfortunately, car crashes are everyday occurrences. What is fortunate is that Heidi took a few extra seconds getting in the car. Those few extra seconds to buckle her seatbelt may have saved her life.

Turner, "Everything that was in my car, including my book bag that was in the back seat had flown out the windows, so I think my seatbelt definitely kept me in my car.

While Heidi suffered cuts, scrapes, and a mild concussion, she knows she is lucky to be alive. The accident has changed her perspective on wearing her seatbelt.

Turner says, "there's always times when I'm thinking, 'Oh, you know, I'm just going down the road or I'm not going that far I'm not going to wear my seatbelt.' But after this I think it's very important to wear it every time because my accident happened probably a mile and a half from my house."

MoDOT gave Heidi an "Arrive Alive" t-shirt for wearing her seatbelt.

MoDOT also supports KHQA's Just Let it Ring campaign.

The campaign allows people to enter to win prizes by pledging to not text and drive.

The lucky winner of the 2011 Kia will also be revealed on our website on November 11th, so stay tuned for that, too!