HLG mission trip accident update

15 students and a faculty advisor from Hannibal LaGrange College continue to recover after being involved in a serious accident in Haiti over the weekend.

We first told you about the accident Tuesday night on KHQA's News at Five.

The group was in Haiti on a routine mission trip, and also helping out with earthquake relief.

The accident happened Sunday when the truck they were in lost its brakes.

The driver turned the wheel into a mountainside to stop the truck from careening down the hill.

KHQA spoke with HLG's President, Dr. Woodrow Burt, about the crash .

"The truck turned over and fortunately did not turn over on them. It turned over and they were all thrown out and it slid. We heard they were about ten feet away from going off a cliff. So, the Lord protected them there," says Dr. Burt.

Most of the students were treated and released from a Miami Hosptial.

Ten of the students returned to St. Louis early Monday morning.

From there they were sent to a St. Louis hospital for monitoring.

One student was kept there.

There are still three students and the faculty advisor in a Miami hospital.

Dr. Burt told me it looks like all the of the students will be released Thursday.

However, the faculty advisor will stay in the Miami hospital for now.

Dr. Burt says the college has been sending teams to Haiti for four years, and they will continue.

He says the group plans for accidents, and while this one was unfortunate, it won't stop the college's drive to help humanity.