History rolls by at classic car auction in Hamilton

One of the many cars auctioned Monday at the Sullivan Auctioneers classic car auction.

More than 5,000 people came to

Sullivan Auctioneers

in Hamilton Mondayfor a chance to bid on more than 300 classic cars.

This annual auction draws car lovers from all over the midwest hoping for a chance to buy the car of their dreams.

The bidding is fast and the action is non stop.

Hundreds of people come each year hoping for a chance to own a piece of history.

Sullivan Auctioneers in Hamilton has been hosting this classic car auction for many years according to the comapany's national representative John Probasco.

"Probably one of the few absolute car auctions in the midwest," Probasco said. "Been at it a long time. Repeat buyers,repeat sellers coming from probably a five or six state area around here."

Car lovers get a chance to get an up close and personal look at cars they have dreamed about for many years.

"We had an open house yesterday," Probasco said. "And some of the people that had to be at home, at their work, was here yesterday. Actually got their hands on them. Looked them over."

The event also gives them a chance to share their love of cars with other enthusiasts.

But one of the biggest keys to the success of this auction is loyalty.

"We go to a lot of auctions,"

Polk Auction Company

owner Dennis Polk said. "They're not unreserved auctions where maybe your bidding against the owner or there's some shenanigans being played. This is a clean run auction. The Sullivans have always run that type of a unit and consequently we come."

That feeling is shared by David Williams the owner of

Fast Lane Classic Cars

in St. Charles, Missouri.

"There are no games, no reserve," Williams explained. "You buy it. It's yours. You bid on it. A lot of auctions around the country there's a lot of games being played. Not here with Sullivans."

But in the end its all about the cars and the chance to own a piece of a dream.