Historic Quincy home available to you

      Historic home open for wedding receptions and other public events.

      The Quincy Park District is making of the city's most famous home available for public use.

      The Lorenzo Bull House is commonly known as the home of the Women's City Club.

      Over the years, the wrap-around porch and railings have seen a lot of use and needed to be repaired.

      So the Quincy Park district put in new composite decking and gave the pillars and posts on the first floor a new coat of paint.

      Quincy Park District Recreation and Marketing Supervisor Tim Klobe says that the District also repaired the wheelchair ramp at the back of the house.

      "It took probably about a month or so to really get all the work done," Klobe said. "To scrape all the paint off and repair some wood areas. So probably a little bit over a month before the work was done to get it looking like it does today."

      What many people don't realize is that although the Lorenzo Bull house is associated with the Women's City Club, it is actually owned by the Quincy Park District.

      The district wants people to know that the house, which features beautiful hand-carved wood throughout, is available to rent for all sorts of public events.

      "If you'd like to have a wedding or a birthday party or a shower or a corporate retreat, anything like that," Klobe said. "You can use this building just like you can use a shelter at one of our parks. There's obviously a fee associated with it but it is open to the public for use for whatever they might want to use it for."

      The club still holds its meeting at the home.

      If you would like to rent it out for your special event, just click here .