Historic Quincy Business District is booming

It's good to be part of the Historic Quincy Business District these days.

That area is seeing a boom in business and achieving long term goals in a short amount of time.

In 2008, the District set up a long range plan.

All the goals have already been met.

What were those goals and what's next for that area?

The road to success appears to start in the Historic Quincy Business District. One of the new businesses open in the district is called One. It's a restaurant and bar that's located in the old Adams Theater Building.

"I definitely believe that the downtown is where it's happening," says Tenille Sonethongkham.

And she's not the only one who's thinks that. There are your standards that have been in the District for years, and there's new places too.

"Different people look for different things when they relocate their business. One real asset Quincy has that's unique to us is this great building stock," says Travis Brown with HQBD.

The goal is to keep the buildings looking historic. There are grants and low interest loans available for business owners to do that.

"We wanted to bring some new things to the old places and we loved this building from the minute we walked in," says Sonethongkham.

Part of the long range plan in the district was a new image campaign. Another was recognizing businesses with a seal of excellence awards. Now that the long range plan was is complete, what's next?

"We're really looking for those that aren't going to be quick fixes. We want projects we can sink our teeth into and either make some sweeping changes or create some new ideas and new initiatives that nobody's thought of yet," says Brown.

With the Salvation Army Kroc Center and a couple of housing complexes on the horizon, it's really anybody's guess as to what's to come for the Historic Quincy Business District.

One other new thing that's coming to the District is a new boutique.

It's set to open next week.

The twist to this is in addition to its merchandise, it'll serve as a storefront for many other vendors, so the products will change often.