Highland students schooled in online responsibility

Kids use many types of technology every day, but are they making responsible decisions while online?

That was the question Richard Guerry asked students at Highland High School on Monday. He represents the Institute for Responsible Online and Cell Phone Communication.

Guerry spoke to the students about the dangers of posting information to social media and the risks of having your information become permanent online. He said kids are not often given guidelines for how to safely use technology.

"Every day there's evolution of new technologies and new apps and we have people learning the hard way what not to do with it. Our goal is to say that if it's digital, are you OK with what you're about to put on that digital tool that is designed to let you share easily - are you OK with it being shared?" he said.

Guerry also explained how the decisions one makes online can affect your education and career. Guerry will also speak with Highland elementary students and parents in another workshop on Tuesday. He says it's a good idea to teach lessons in online responsibility early.

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