Highest achievement in Girl Scouts bestowed upon three teens

These three young ladies were presented with their Gold Award.

The highest achievement a Girl Scout can achieve in her years of service is the "Gold Award".

The award takes time, dedication, and a willingness to commit to her project.

It's been around 10 years in the making and these three young women have reached the end of their Girl Scout experience.

Sunday afternoon, they received their Gold Award based off of a service project for the John Wood Arboretum.

Sarah Haschemeyer chose a project that would create something that's unique for the area.

"It's a trellis, it's 16 feet long, and seven feet high. It's made completely out of wood, and we wove in sticks and nature materials to kind of give it that more natural earthy look. The classroom is centered in a forest, so it kind of gives it that surroundings area look, instead of just a man made structure," Haschemeyer said.

Anna McNay's project will help to teach children more about the environment.

"I built an upper-stream table, The water flows from the flood underneath, up through the stream table and out. It'll show kids how they can build a dam, and change the way water erodes through the ground," McNay said.

The project Susan Leimbach constructed will stand the test of time.

"I'm really interested in math and science, and so a sun dial just seemed to be the perfect marriage of those two subjects," Leimbach explained.

All three of the Girl Scouts think that their years of dedication was worth it.

"It's definitely made me a better citizen because I realize how Quince needs projects like this to better the community instead of just everyone using things. We have to give back, so it's really great that I add something to it, instead of just taking something from it," Haschemeyer said.

"I love being able to go out and give service to the community and I love seeing the looks on people's faces when you change their day," McNay said.

"Girls scouts has definitely taught me how to be a leader, and take charge of the situation. I had to contact sponsors and businesses to help fund my project, so I feel a lot more confident presenting myself and talking to other people now," Leimbach said.

Between the three Girl Scouts, they have 29 years of experience serving the community.