High temps = hot pups

Buster the Interactive Dog outside on a 70 degree day, but at 100 plus degrees he's quick to come back inside.

We can feel the high temperatures and the effect they're having on us when we're outside, but what about pets who are outdoors in a heat index of up to 115 degrees?

Not only do you need to keep yourself cool in a heat wave like this, but pet owners need to make sure their pets can cool off, too.

The Quincy Kennel Club

opened doors to their training facility at 3909 Commercial Drive off Ellington Road for any domestic animals in need of a break from the high temps.

The Quincy Humane Society, Paw Pals and Quincy K-9 Connections are teaming together with Quincy Kennel Club to make sure area animals can get a break from the dangerous temperatures.

The Kennel Club says they'll provide the free service for as long as the heatwave continues.

If you wish to bring your pet, contact Becky Fortney at 217-653-4551 or Anne Heckle at 217-257-1322 to make arrangements.

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