High speed chase crosses state lines

Man and woman arrested after high speed chase.

A high speed chase that started in Bowling Green, Missouri ended in Pike County, Illinois.

Everything started with a theft investigation at a Bowling Green convienience store just before noon on Monday, according to police.

During the investigation of the vehicle's license plate number by Bowling Green police, the car was reported stolen.

An attempt to stop the vehicle by Bowling Green officers turned into a high speed chase through town and eventually onto Highway 54.

During the chase the driver nearly hit a MoDOT employee in a work zone.

The chase went from U.S. 54 to Pike 279 where the driver attempted to ram pursuing vehicles.

Stop sticks were used on Pike 279 but the driver took a ditch to avoid them.

The chase continued into Louisiana where a Lousiana police officer joined the chase.

The driver eventually crossed the bridge into Illinois with the Louisiana police officer directly behind him.

The chase ended in Pike County, Illinois where the driver reportedly ran the vehicle into a large mudhole near a levee.

A check of the vehicle revealed that it was stolen from Kansas City, Missouri.

A second set of plates from Atlanta, Mo were also found in the vehicle.

The unidentified man and woman are from Kansas and are facing felony fleeing charges in Missouri and possession of a stolen vehicle charges in Illinois.

Their names will not be released until formal charges are made against them.