High school students get up close and personal with accident

The mock DUI crash was much more realistic than just two cars and some fake blood.

High school seniors have plenty on their minds this time of year, including prom and eventually graduation.

But there can be some risk associated with a night of tuxes, gowns and dancing.

A detailed program Wednesday at Quincy Senior High brought those risks into focus.

Several hundred students got an up close and personal look at what can happen if a high school student decides to drink and drive. The mock DUI crash was much more realistic than just two cars and some fake blood.

"I think the best thing to hope the kids get out of this is that the choices you make today affect your life tomorrow," Illinois State Trooper Mike Kindhart said.

The students walked through three different scenes. The first scene was the actual crash site where a victim was pronounced dead and taken away. The driver of the car was arrested for DUI. The second scene was set up as a hospital and funeral home where the teenage victim was remembered. The last scene was the courtroom where the driver was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

"We wanted some shock value because we want them to know those decisions not only impact them, but their friends and their loved ones as well," Quincy Senior High School principal Danielle Edgar said.

QHS senior Conner Geising said a program like this hits home. He hopes it's a message not just his friends hear, but one that all high school students hear and take something from it.

"It's a lot more real and it hits home a lot more to see it and to actually experience rather than just have someone stand up and talk to you and tell you what could happen. It's a lot more powerful to see it happen in front of you," Geising said.

Trooper Kindhart said this is the first year this program was held at Quincy Senior High School.

He says other high schools in West Central Illinois have hosted a similar type of detailed mock DUI event.