High gas prices affect more than just your travels

Illinois State Police might have to limit the driving they do because of the high gas prices..

According to Illinois State House News, that would cause some of their officers to becoming stationary.

Illinois State Police Interim Director Patrick Keen says next years proposed budget is based off of gas prices at $3.35.

But as gas hovers over the $3.50 mark... New ideas are being considered.

"If gas prices do continue to increase - if they do get around $4 a gallon - then we will have to... Think about what we're going to do. But, possibly, we'll have to go back to some of the things we did in 2008 when gas prices were high," said Keen.

Keen also says police might have to start doubling up when traveling.

Another way to cut costs... Go back to the General Assembly and ask for more money.

Keen says, it all depends on how high gas prices get, and how long the prices remain high.