High-end clothes, down-to-earth people

Owner, Crystal Lane says you'll feel like family when you walk into Danni Nicole's.

When you walk into Danni Nicole's everything screams high-end, from the chandeliers to the Brighton jewelry. The only thing that doesn't seem boutique-like is the owner, Crystal Lane.

"When people come in the door we want to welcome them and let them know we're here to help in any way possible, but we're not the type of people that are going to jump on you or hound you," Lane said. "We want it to be a real comfortable laid back environment for people to come in and just spend their time exploring."

Lane opened Danni Nicole's four years ago with her mom.

"We get to bicker back and forth but it's all in good fun, people think we're funny and I might fire her and she might fire me," Lane's mom, Mary Short said. "We knew there was a need in Hannibal. We use to have a store across the street called "The Famous" and of course it had been closed for three years when we decided to do this."

But the real inspiration behind the store came from Lane's younger sister who passed away in a car accident, March 2008.

"We decided that life's too short and we were going to dive in and take a chance and open our own business," Lane said. "So we named it after Danni, in her honor."

"A lot of people feel like we're afraid to talk about her, but Crystal and I talk about her 24-7," Short said. "We like to keep her memory alive."

And it is, through the store. Lane credits Danni Nicole's success to its customers, who have now become like family.

"We have a lot of regular customers and we really like that interaction," Lane said. "We like when we get to learn about their families and they get to learn more about us. When they come in the door we're like 'hey, what's up?' or 'how's the family doing?' It's great to have that relationship."

You can get a sneak peek inside Danni Nicole's by, clicking here.