Helping the environment one electronic at a time

You can get rid of old or unwanted electronics in an environmentally responsible way.

The Adams County Health Department will host an electronic drop off a week from this Saturday.

The collection will be held at the health department at 330 Vermont St. in Quincy.

For this drop off you can recycle refrigerators and other large appliances.

If the appliance has gas or radon there is a $25 fee.

The health department tries to do three of these a year to help clean up the environment.

"It gives them an opportunity not to have to throw them out in the country some where, which unfortunately, people do," Leo Mueller with the Adams County Health Department said. "Part of my job involves solid waste investigation and you see way too much of that going on where people have old televisions and microwaves and they just take them out and toss them in someone's ravine and it's terrible."

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency passed a new law Jan. 1 requiring you to take electronic devices like TVs and computers to a registered recycler.

The e-waste drop off will be March 24.

You must pre-register for the event.

You can do that by calling the Adams County Health Department at 217-222-8440