Help your car beat the heat

More heat can corrode your battery faster.

It's the first thing we do on a hot day - turn on the A.C. But the same thing keeping you cool makes your engine run even hotter.

"With heat, it adds a lot of internal heat inside that battery; the engine makes the battery hotter, of course, and with all the accessories on, the air conditioning on full blast, it really makes that battery work overtime," Chris Hultz, of Interstate Batteries said.

On a normal day, your car measures 150 to 200 degrees under the hood. That added heat on the engine can corrode your battery faster.

"The corrosion will actually prevent you from having a good connection with the actual battery, the hesitation to start, the just clicking on the car itself," Hultz said.

We've all been there - turning the key and hoping it will start. So what do you do when it happens?

"One of the worst things about a battery is that it doesn't give you a whole lot of warning," Hultz said. "So really the best thing and the only thing you can do is just have it periodically checked."

"From time to time, call your technician up and have him take a quick peek to see how things are doing, even if you just had a service," Dan Pflibsen, owner of Dan's Auto Care said.

That sneak peak can save you money, new batteries can run up to $170. It can also save you from this situation.

"When they come in here, they're pretty frustrated; we try to ease their pain a little bit and kind of take over and kind of ease their stress," Hultz said.