HELP WANTED: Tri-State city to replace entire police department

UPDATED: March 8 at 6:15 a.m.

The city of Montrose and Lee County have an agreement in place for law enforcement coverage.

This after the city's police chief and officer both resigned within a week of each other earlier this year.

According to the Daily Gate City, the agreement calls for Montrose to pay the county 30 thousand dollars a year in monthly installments for the service.

City and county officials still have to sign off on the agreement.

The city is still searching for a new replacement police chief and reserve officer.


UPDATED: February 17 at 6:15 a.m.

Montrose is looking for a whole new police department after both officers resigned this week.

You'll recall we told you Police Chief Karl Judd resigned earlier this week.

Now the Keokuk Daily Gate City reports the only reserve officer in Montrose has added his resignation to the list.

His last day is Saturday.

The Lee County Sheriff's Department will provide coverage in the city until a new police chief and reserve officers can be hired.



The city of Montrose is looking for a new police chief.

Chief Karl Judd turned in his resignation, which takes effect tonight at midnight.

According to the Keokuk Daily Gate City, he'd been with the city only two and a half years.

Judd took a job as a patrol officer with the Fort Madison Police Department.