Help stock the Salvation Army's food pantry

Your â??Vacation From Starvationâ?? food bag purchase can help feed less fortunate families.

Many people donate to food pantries during the holiday season and winter months, but hunger never takes a vacation.

That's especially true in the summer months when kids are out of school.

Debbie Hutter is a supporter of Salvation Army's many programs.

"My family has donated over the years. We believe in them. We believe in their organization and they do a lot of good in the community," Hutter said.

When she found out Hy-Vee was sponsoring a food drive for the organization, she decided to make a donation.

"I think it makes it easy and convenient. You don't have to figure out, well, will this work, will this not work. It's quick, Hutter said. "It's easy. It's painless and for the few dollars that you're going to spend, it's well worth the effort."

This first ever "Vacation From Starvation" food drive helps raise money to stock the Salvation Army's food pantry.

"They can purchase a $5 bag or a $10 bag, Steve Labs Store Director of the Harrison Hy-Vee in Quincy said. The money, the five dollar value, will go into 12 to 15 items that we will put together, into that bag, to give to the Salvation Army."

Each donation pays for a wide variety of food.

Boxed goods, canned goods, macaroni and cheese, potatoes, canned vegetables. Things that are easy, fix items that are staples for every day," Labs said.

And if you purchase one of the grocery bags, it can save you gas money. Buying a $5 bag will save you 5 cents per gallon, and a $10 bag will save you 10 cents.

The food drive's mission is to make sure local families have food to feed their kids.

"Well, it's important to realize that when kids get out of school, that they're not going in and getting the free lunches that they would usually get every day, Kent Embree Marketing Manager for the Salvation Army said. And so they have some opportunities to get free meals but those that don't, we need to be available for them."

Hutter hopes other shoppers will follow her lead.

"People that have a well off life or that, or don't have a need, may not always understand, Labs said. It is, it is necessary people go hungry in this town."

The "Vacation From Starvation" food drive began Thursday, and runs until June 12.