Heavy snow means long hours for snow plows

Private businesses working on parking lots to clear snow

For those who don't get the day off work due to snow, your parking lot may have been plowed by a private company.

These crews stay out for long hours, making sure driveways and parking lots are clear and safe.

It's a cold job, but someone has to do it.

While the average work day lasts eight hours, the people who make a living plowing during winter have longer hours than most.

Randy Davis of Emerald Lawn Care and Landscaping explained just how long it gets.

"We're probably going on an average between 24 and 32 hours," Davis said.

Davis said he handles anywhere from twenty to twenty five businesses.

We ran into Shane Gooding of Spank's Tree Service also plowing, and he said this Winter seems above average than others.

Plowing helps keep him busy when business slows down.

"We cut trees during the Summer, so it kind of gives us something to do when it snows," Gooding said. "Because we don't really do a lot during the Winter when snows on the ground."

When snow hits rapidly as it has been, that's when crews say it's hard for them to keep up.

Davis said it's hard to figure out where to put all the snow at this point and that this Winter reminds him of winters as a kid.

"We used to see snow on the ground from almost Thanksgiving all the way up until almost Easter on the ground," Davis said. "And I just feel like we're getting back to that time frame when I was a kid."

Until then, both Davis and Gooding can both be found behind the wheel, plowing away.