Hearing next month for new development near Spring Lake

Courtesy of WTAD News

A proposal that's been tabled and bounced back and forth between the Quincy City Council and Plan Commission for seven months is set for another public hearing next month.In December, plans were announced by developer Adam Booth that he wanted to build homes on 40 acres of land west of Spring Lake Estates.The original plan was for single-family residences and condos. He sought rezoning for his development as well as subdivision status.

But in March, the Plan Commission voted to deny his requests after numerous neighbors spoke about their concern regarding traffic.The Planning and Development staff's concern centered around the lack of a second exit.

The Plan Commission received new plans from Booth, who is downscaling his proposal and scrapping the condos.On Tuesday night, the Commission voted to move it to the October agenda.Booth was asked to re-notify the neighbors who live within 250 feet of the area and submit a full-scale drawing of his new plans.