Healthy eats for your feast

Complete the meal with fruits and veggies.

In just a week's time, some of you may be getting ready to sit down and enjoy your Thanksgiving meal.

There are ways to enjoy your meal and be health conscious as well.

You wouldn't typically associate the words healthy and Thanksgiving together.
But according to local dieticians, Thanksgiving can be both delicious and nutritious.

Rebecca Shinn is a registered dietician for Kohl Wholesale, and thinks it's less about calorie counting, and more about portion control.

"I think on Thanksgiving, the big thing is to definitely enjoy the meal, because it is all about really great food and lots of nutrition, too. But definitely pick your favorites, and you know, kind of minimize the portion if at all possible. And pace yourself, so that you don't over-do it, and make yourself uncomfortable," Shinn said.

She recommends you incorporate tasty, but healthy options into your meal, like veggies and fruit.

Brittany Donlon works at the Broadway Hy-Vee as a registered dietician and shared her simple, but effective ways to still make Thanksgiving taste good.

"Stick to a plate, make sure that you're getting a lot of vegetables in there to fill up on. And don't go back for seconds. I always say, if you wait half an hour, most of the time in that thirty minutes, if you're doing something else, you don't really want anymore food. Try to make time in between there to not just go straight for seconds just because something tastes good. Make a to-go plate, that you can take home and put in the fridge and warm up later so that you still get that good tasting food the next day, but that you're not going to feel so over-full afterwards," Donlon said.

She suggested swapping out mashed potatoes for mashed cauliflower, and also suggested to not drink your calories.

"Especially this time of year at the holidays, we start drinking lots of things whether they're spritzers or egg-nog or things that like that. But some of those can actually be about four hundred, five hundred calories themselves, which is a meal. You know, one of my biggest tips is get a club soda and add just a little bit of some kind of fruit juice, whether it's cranberry, pomegranate, make something fun and different than water, but it's something low calorie," Donlon said.

For those of you who have multiple dinners to attend, Donlon suggests only eating certain food items at one meal, and then switching for the next.

"Portion your plate out, make it colorful, pick your favorites, and know that you're going to eat again after Thanksgiving," Shinn said.