Health myth #9

They may be the most annoying thing to get and the hardest thing to get rid of.

Everyone has their own method that supposedly works every time.

We put one method to the test and asked some Blessing Rieman College of Nursing students to find out if it truly works.

For this KHQA Safe Family Report Jarod Wells has the 'startling' truth.

You've always heard that to get rid of hiccups, have someone scare you. Is this true or false?

BRCN Senior Susannah Mohaupt said, "Well it might be true. This method along with other methods like holding your breath could be effective, but they haven't actually been medically proven."

BRCN Senior Marlee Robinson said, "In 1971 the New England Journal of Medicine published a study that was proven effective. Try taking 1 teaspoon of white granulated sugar. This was proven effective in 19 out of 20 patients."

Susannah Mohaupt said, "If you've found a home remedy that works for you, go ahead and try that. Otherwise, the sugar technique should work."