Health myth #8

Everyone has their own method to help themselves fall asleep.

Counting sheep, reading a book, watching TV, whatever yours may be, one method, or myth in this case, has been passed down through generations.

We've been breaking down myths like this one with the help of some Blessing Rieman College of Nursing students.

In this KHQA Safe Family Report, Jarod Wells has the truth about a pre-bedtime beverage.

You've always heard that warm milk will help you fall asleep. Is this true or false?

BRCN Senior Maekayla Gosnell said, "This is true, but in a practical sense it is false."

BRCN Senior Karyl Schenck said, "In the practical sense that is false is because you would have to drink very, very large amounts of warm milk for this to be true. It has the same ingredient as turkey called tryptophan, which is why on Thanksgiving everybody always wants to take a big nap after they eat a ton of turkey."

So warm milk will help you fall asleep, but you would have to drink at least a gallon or up to several gallons to start felling drowsy.