Health myth #7

Many first time parents may wonder if their new born is getting enough vitamins and nutrients.

According to one of the 12 health myths we've been debunking, all new borns need a little something added to their diet.

KHQA's Jarod Wells looked into that myth with the help of some Blessing Rieman College of Nursing Students for this KHQA Safe Family Report.

You've always heard that every child needs a multivitamin. Is this true or false?

BRCN Senior Kayla Bearhorst said, "It's actually partly both. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics most children eat a healthy balanced diet and do not need a multi vitamin."

BRCN Senior Marjori Peter said, "However if you feel your child does need a multivitamin, if they don't eat a balanced meal, then go ahead and give them one."

A Beverly Hills physician says children that are solely breast-fed during the first year should be given a vitamin D supplement. After that a multivitamin never hurts, but it's important to not give them more than one a day. An overdose of a multivitamin could turn toxic for your child.