Health myth #4

Wearing a winter hat no doubt keeps you warm, but would we really be 75% colder without one?

With the help of some Blessing Rieman College of Nursing students, we've been exposing the truth to 12 health myths.

Jarod Wells brings you the details behind tonight's myth in this KHQA Safe Family Report.

You've always heard that you lose 75%of your body heat through your head. Is this true or false?

Kristen Gronewald said, "This myth has been found to be false. You actually lose 7-10% of heat through your head."

Amanda Lewis said, "Your body loses the most heat through skin. Therefore uncovered skin is where you lose the most body heat."

Which means it's just as important for you to wear a scarf and gloves in cold temperatures as it is to wear a hat. But that may not be the case in infants and the elderly.

Randi Willey said, "They don't have mechanisms that are working as well. Elderly have a lower metabolism and a decrease in physical activity which generate heat. And infants have a larger head to body ratio. So infants do lose a little more heat through their head."

Which is why it is so important to make sure your infant's head is always covered in cold weather.