Health myth #2

KHQA is committed to keeping your family safe.

So we're investigating old wives' tales our mothers and grandmothers passed down to us about our health to determine if they're fact or fiction.

Jarod Wells has this KHQA Safe Family health test with the help of Blessing Rieman College of Nursing.

You've always heard that gum stays in your stomach for seven years. Is this true or false?

BRCN Senior Rick Knochel said, "It's actually a myth. It's only going to last in your system for a couple of days and it'll go through."

Chewing gum is similar to many other nonfood objects kids may swallow. Fluids will carry the gum through the intestinal tract.

BRCN Senior Kenton Snyder said, "They don't recommend that you swallow a lot of gum; however, if you swallow an occasional piece, there's no problem. It is actually not digested in your system, but like Rick, said it will be passed through in a couple of days."

And shouldn't leave your kids - or you, if you accidentally swallow a piece of gum - with a tummy ache.