Health myth #1

We've all heard those old wives' tales about our health - "an apple a day will keep the doctor away" and "gum will stay in your stomach for seven years."

We wondered how many of them are true, and how many were myths passed down through generations of mothers and grandmothers.

So we put some students at Blessing Rieman College of Nursing to the test to find out the facts.

KHQA's Jarod Wells tests our first health myth in this KHQA Safe Family Report.

You've always heard that you shouldn't cut the crust off of bread because it's full of vitamins. Is this true or false?

BRCN Senior Kellea Dietrich said, "This is true because a study found that cancer fighting anti-oxidants are actually inside the crust."

A 2002 German study found the baking process actually produces that cancer fighting anti-oxidant.

BRCN Senior Mila Tripp said, "With that being said, 100% whole wheat bread is what is recommended due to the abundance of nutrients that are found within it."

100% whole wheat bread, with or without the crust, is best to serve to your family. But make sure the ingredients include 100% whole-wheat flour. Breads that are simply labeled "wheat" usually are made with a mixture of enriched white flour and whole-wheat flour, giving that bread fewer nutrients such as fiber.