Health myth #10

We've all had times where we over slept, jumped in the shower and had to leave the house with wet hair.

But will that really cause you to catch a cold?

We've been breaking down age old myths that have been passed down from generation to generation.

With the help of some Blessing Rieman College of Nursing Students, Jarod Wells dug up some more truth in this KHQA Safe Family Report.

You've always heard that if you go out with wet hair, you'll catch a cold. Is this true or false?

Annie Sokolich said, "This is a myth. Basically you may feel cold, but it does not necessarily effect your health."

A study done in England exposed a group of volunteers to a cold virus. Half the group stayed in a warm room while the rest took a bath and stood dripping wet in a cold hallway for half an hour. The wet group did not catch any more colds than the dry group.

Kenton Snyder said, "What really is going to cause you to get sick is going to be bacteria, infections and that sort of thing."