Head on down to the Birddog Jamboree

Relaxing for a belly rub on the set of KHQA This Morning Friday.

If you're looking for something non-St. Patrick's Day to do this weekend, you can head down to the first Birddog Jamboree.

Dash is one of the birddogs that will be at the event. He will be performing with his owner Dez Young.

You can bring your birddog to have it go through trials or have it compete in the purdiest dog show.

All proceeds from the event go towards the rescue of game bird dogs.

"As they mature, and they get a little older, you work with them on the field commands, so that when you're in the field with them, not only are they safe and do the things to protect them, they also do their job which is to get out there, look for birds, and find them for you," Dez Young said.

The Jamboree goes all weekend long at Ka-Tonka Game Preserve near New London.