HCVB reorganizes

The Hannibal Convention and Visitors Bureau has reorganized its staff. The HCVB sent the following news release announcing the reorganization on Monday, December 8, 2008:

The Board of Directors of the Hannibal Convention and Visitors Bureau is pleased to announce the hiring of Megan Rapp as Assistant Director/Group Sales Manager. Rapp will be responsible for recruiting and booking group tours, promoting Hannibal at group and travel shows, representing Hannibal and its attractions to members of the media and travel writers and coordinating the volunteer program at the CVB. Beau Hicks, Executive Director of the Hannibal Convention and Visitors Bureau calls Rapp The perfect fit as his department continues to expand its TM marketing power to individuals and groups. Hicks continues, Megan is already an asset to the Hannibal tourism industry. I have worked with her over the past four years so I know her level of Twain knowledge and ability to work with others and get things done. The next year needs to be a year of growth leading up to the national Twain celebration in 2010 and with Megan on board I know that can happen.

Rapp is currently the Manager of Marketing and Community Relations at the Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum, and sees the move as a way to further promote Hannibal TMs attractions to a broader audience. I TMm sad to be leaving behind such a great group of people, said Rapp. The museum staff is like a second family and I really enjoy working with the museum TMs new interim director, Dr. Cindy Lovell. She shares the vision of where the Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum is going, and I TMm confident that she will see the vision through. Rapp is quick to point out that she will still be working to promote the museum and all of Hannibal. I was excited about this position because of the variety of opportunities I will have to promote Hannibal. I enjoy working with tour groups, having done so for the past four years at the museum, and the position at the bureau will allow me to do even more to promote our town.

Lovell shares Rapp's enthusiasm for the new position. My first reaction was, 'Oh, no!', she said, but then I realized that Megan will actually be promoting the museum in new ways. The expertise she developed while working at the museum will be mutually beneficial in her new role. Megan's knowledge of the museum and of Mark Twain will be an asset. I see it as a true 'win-win' scenario for all of us. Lovell has already met with Beau Hicks to ensure a smooth transition and brainstorm ideas for collaboration. Megan and I truly enjoy working together, and we have already come up with some new projects to tackle, Lovell said. Her creativity and attention to detail make her a joy to work with, and I look forward to many years of collaboration with Megan in her new position.

Rapp is also bringing her experience as a volunteer coordinator and media liaison to the CVB. She is currently coordinator of the volunteer program at the museum, and will take over management of the volunteer program at the CVB. Beau Hicks explains some restructuring at the HCVB, Megan is stepping into a newly restructured position with the CVB so she TMll be picking up a lot of direct responsibilities, while the administrative and visitor center duties will be going to Rita Smith in the new part-time position of Administrative Assistant & Visitor Center Coordinator. Hicks continues, Rita is a real gem and as the former director of WEe Care and The Carpenter TMs Kids Daycare, I think most people in the community have had Mrs. Smith in their or their children TMs lives at some point. Plus she has real experience with large budgets and that whole process. Hicks adds that Rapp and Smith give him a feeling of having Hannibal TMs tourism dream team and that he is looking forward to the New Year.

Hicks is also excited to add a new level of Twain expertise to the Bureau, explaining that Rapp will be able to utilize her extensive knowledge of Twain to continue to work with incoming groups and media representatives that visit Hannibal. I have a background in Mark Twain, explained Rapp. I actually worked with the Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum before I worked for the museum. While working on my Master TMs degree, I did research for the exhibits that are now housed in the Interpretive Center, which deal with Mark Twain and his time in Hannibal. Because of that work, I TMm very familiar with Twain TMs life in Hannibal, as well as the Hannibal that Mark Twain knew. Of course living in Hannibal and working downtown for the past 4 years has also given me experience with the Hannibal of today, and all the wonderful attractions, restaurants and hotels it has to offer. I can TMt wait to start working with Beau, Rita and the rest of the great staff and volunteers at the bureau promoting everything Hannibal has to offer to visitors.