Hasching out my family history

I'm a descendent of Marie Antoinette, Queen Victoria and the female side of the Romanov Family.

If you've ever wanted to track down your ancestral line, there's no better time than now.

There's a large resource of family trees and ancestral history online and even more genealogy databases.

Recently, a social-networking genealogy Website, called GeneTree asked KHQA to participate in a DNA study. Brooke Hasch and Chad Douglas accepted the challenge. You won't believe who both are related to.

Brooke's GeneTree experience

A couple months back, Chad an I took a DNA test. We spent about a minute swishing around some mouth wash, boxed that up, wrote out a short family tree and sent it off to the lab. The results are in and what we found was pretty cool.

"This is what we do with DNA. We tell you the ancient history of your paternal and maternal line. We tell you the migration that, that line has followed through the generations.And we show you how your connected with your genetic cousins who are living today that you're related to," said Ugo Perego, an analyst with GeneTree.

My own family research took me back about four or five generations on my dad's side. GeneTree took it even further, with generations before the Revolutionary War.

I found my 7th great-grandfather, John "Old John" Hash. Through cross examinations with other genealogy databases, researchers found he lived in Bridle Creek, Virginia. We even found photos, like his land, his dying will which cleary reads "I leave my grandson a 2-year-old red heffer"..... and the son of "Old John's" grave marker, marked as a solider in the Revolutionary War.

Through DNA matches and family connections, I can see generations of Haschs, even the point in time where my name changed spelling, from Hash to Hasch. I also found that the Hasch surname isn't a common one, so when you come across it, you're probably a match in some way or another. A GeneTree study from two of my distant cousins also helped in matching our family tree.

"We have 110,00 genetic samples on Gene tree, nine million genealogy records and combine them with other sites," said Perego.

I've always known both sides of my family have some German and Irish origins, but with GeneTree, I was able to track down my ancestral matches back to 1500 AD. And get this..I'm a descendent of Marie Antoinette, Queen Victoria and the female side of the Romanov Family from my mothers side, cool hugh?

Turns out, both sides of my family originated from Scandinavia and Spain before exploring most of Western Europe.

And... it's looks like the Hasch-Douglas clans came over on the same boat.

"I think this is pretty cool. It doesn't happen very often when we talk with two people and they share the same y-line and the same maternal line. So you two definitely have something in common. Maybe it's not coincidence that you end up working in the same place together. Maybe your genes were calling for each other, you know?" said Perego.

You can read about Chad's DNA testing experience here.

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